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Climate Partners are regional Private Public Partnership networks in Norway focusing on how a region can reduce Green House Gas emissions and develop a green economy. Currently two regional networks are launched: Klimapartnere Agder and Klimapartnere Hordaland. Klimapartnere Agder consists of two counties (Aust- and Vest-Agder), four cities (Arendal, Grimstad,, Kristiansand and Risør), some other public partners including Agder University and a number of private companies.  The 46 partners employ a total of 22,000 people. Klimapartnere Hordaland was launched in 2014 and currently consists of one county (Hordaland), one city (Bergen) and in total 25 partners that employ over 50, 000 people.

Climate Partners Troms is having their first partner Meeting on the 9th of February 2017.

The Climate Partner regions enjoy a close cooperation and on a frequent basis share knowledge and best practice.



  • Development of products and services for tomorrow’s low carbon society
  • Inspiration, methods and tools for cutting GHG emissions in their own businesses
  • Influencing the policies and conditions for sustainable innovation
  • Promotion of the organizations and the regions locally, nationally and internationally


  • Hold an environmental certification(Eco-lighthouse, ISO or similar recognized standards), or have a plan to start the certification process
  • Prepare annual climate footprint reports following the international Greenhouse Gas Protocol
  • Prepare an action plan to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases in their own organization
  • Pay an annual membership fee


Increased knowledge provides a better basis for strategic choices towards a low-emission society. Climate Partners produces publications in relevant disciplines, in collaboration with national and international experts in the field. Climate Partners share their knowledge by making the publications freely available on  


Communicating own climate commitment with credibility and inspiration is important for Climate Partners. Cooperation on increased knowledge in climate management as well as climate-and environmental communication is therefore a priority for the network. Climate Partners uses its international network to create meeting venues and dialogue with prominent inspirational and key decision makers.  


Climate Partners show remarkable and tangible results. Partners in Agder that has prepared Climate Footprint over the last 7 years have reduced GHG emissions with more than 50%. In 2015, the reduction of GHG emission for the partners in total were 9 %. Climate Partners in Hordaland achieved the same result in 2015, a reduction of emissions of 9 %.

A number of new green products and services have been developed including a concept for certified green conferences and climate neutral publications, in adition focus and projects have led to implementing new hybrid buses in the city of Arendal, new low-emission buildings, climate leadership program including employee involvement and increased focus on green purchasing, in particular from the public partners to develop a green regional marked.  


Klimapartnere Agder: Torstein Thorsen Ekern project manager,

Klimapartnere Hordaland: Helene Frimannslund, project manager,

Klimapartnere Troms: Rannveig Rivedal Nilsen, or Asbjørg Fyhn,